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Acronis True Image Home Local PC Backup Review

This review of Acronis True Image will show how easy it is to backup important data and application settings on an incremental basis.  True Image is an integral part of the Acronis Backup that also includes Ransomware protection that may destroy your data or make you pay for to be able to use it again.  The suite also includes an Online Backup solution to keep critical files safe in a remote location

In the previous review of True Image, we created an image of the entire computer system including the entire Operating System and all applications installed.  A PC image is especially useful if the computer crashes from either a hardware or software failure.  The image can literally have a crashed system up and running again in a matter of minutes. 

Acronis True Image 2020

True Image Backup Scenario

This is a review of just one of many backup scenarios that would be helpful to recover lost data and program settings.   In the review of the image creation process, a backup archive was created.   This screen shows how to schedule incremental backups to the archive.  Simply right-click on the backup job and select Change Schedule from the menu. Alternatively, this could have been scheduled when the task was created.

Schedule a Backup Task using the Tasks Management Console

This brings up the scheduling screen where you can choose to update the archive in any way you see fit.  I chose to run the task every day at 11:30PM. 

Select the Schedule to Run the Task

Now there is a scheduled task to back the system up on a daily basis.  You may want to backup files and folders and application settings separately in case you do not need to restore the entire system state.  This is done by creating a new backup task.

Create a New Backup Task

This brings up the Acronis Backup Wizard that allows you to select the various operations of the backup job.  We already have a backup of the entire comuter so the next obvious step would be to backup My Data which creates a back up of your files and folders.

The Acronis Backup Wizard

From this screen, you can choose what to back up.  Choose your most important files that you would not want to lose and click Next.

Select Files to Backup

This brings up the Target Backup Archive screen.  I chose to create a new archive and named it appropriately.   The initial execution of this task uses the full backup method.  After the first backup, incremental backups will be performed.  Incremental backups only backup changed files of folders.

Select the Target Backup Archive

There are many other optional steps that can be added to the task at this point.  I chose to schedule the job to run every day.  You can also configure the virus scan, backup method, file exclusions and other backup options.  Acronis True Image is a highly customizable application to fit every users needs.

Acronis True Image is Highly Cusomizable

Clicking the Proceed button adds the task to the scheduled tasks.

Add the Task to the Scheduled Tasks

You can use the same steps as above to backup your email accounts and application settings as the following screenshots show.

Select Email to Backup

Select the Application to Backup the Settings

The recovery process is just as simple as the backup process but that is a review for another day and page.  Acronis True Image also allows you to back up your files using the Nonstop Backup Mode which backs up your selected files and folders every five minutes and restorable using a Time Explorer feature.  A review of the NonStop backup feature is on its way. 

This review of Acronis True Image only covered the basics of what the utility has to offer.  There are many other tools and utilities integrated into the backup solution that come in quite handy on a daily basis.  Acronis Online Backup is also integrated into he solution to further protect your data in an offsite, secure location.  

Acronis True Image 2020



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