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Computer Backup and Security

The average computer user should have at least three levels of security measures in place to protect their computer, Tablet and other electronic devices. Many unforeseen events can happen that result in data loss. Whether that data loss stems from file corruption, hardware failures, computer viruses, malware, hackers or natural disasters, it is just a matter of time before data loss will occur.  Data loss is not the only risk of the lack of computer security.  Viruses and other malicious applications can steal your personal information leading to identity theft and other personal dilemmas.


File backup is one of the most important aspects of protection from data loss.  Most people that use computers have important stuff on their hard drives that may be irreplaceable. Most do not even realize how important or precious that data may be until it is gone.  Backups can be performed manually but that is not only a painstaking process but can be forgotten. A good backup program will ease the burden and backup the important files with little or no work on your part after the initial setup.

Three Steps for a Solid Backup Scenario

  1. Backups should be performed locally to an external media like an external hard drive or DVD.
  2. Local backups need to be stored away from the computer, preferably to another location in case of fire or flooding.
  3. Online backups should be performed on a regular basis so important files can be accessed from other devices even if the backed up PC is no longer available

Computer security is another very important and often overlooked aspect of healthy computing.  Virus protection software is the easiest protection from viruses but there are so many more security issues that virus software alone will not defend against that could easily make your PC quite worthless.  A total protection suite of security applications is the recommended solution for full protection.  While there are many programs available to accomplish total PC security, only a few are worth mentioning. We will explore and review the different backup and security programs and point out the good and the bad of each application.  It is up to you to decide which is the correct solution for your scenario.

Acronis True Image 2020

True Image protects your computer by imaging and backing up the entire PC.  The computer imaging process  allows you to restore the computer in its entirety if an event happens that totally wipes out the Operating System and all of the precious data that has accumulated on the PC.  After the image is created, incremental or full backup schedules can be implemented to assure total data protection.  This is usually performed at the local level by keeping the image and subsequent backups on your choice of external media.

Acronis True Image Cloud

Acronis True Image Cloud is a data protection solution that uses both the cloud computing method to backup and store your most important files at a remote location or local backup using your choice of backup media.  These files are available to you from any Internet connected computer anywhere in the world, not just from the computer they were backed up from.  Don’t worry though, the data is only available to the person that stored the files not everybody on the Internet.  Acronis uses state of the art encryption to keep your data safe from prying eyes. 

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Acronis True Image 2020



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