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Acronis Backup and Security is no longer Available.

Acronis Backup and Security provides complete protection against viruses, spyware, hackers, spam and identity theft, without slowing down your computer.  The utility also allows you to take an image of the PC and backup important data either locally or online.

This review of Acronis Backup and Security is being done on a computer that is freshly  loaded with Windows 7 Professional.  If you are loading Acronis Backup and Security on a used computer, it is recommended that you uninstall any other antivirus, spam filters and spyware removers before the installation.  Most of these programs just do not get along with each other. 

The first thing to do is download and install the program.

Acronis True Image 2020

Install Acronis Backup and Security

Once the installation is started you are presented with the setup wizard to guide you through the installation process.

Welcome to the Acronis Backup and Security  Setup Wizard

The install went quickly with no noteworthy events however there is a reboot required. After the reboot, this little screen was presented wondering what kind of network that this should be classified as.

Choose the Network Type

Clicking OK on the previous screen seemed to do nothing so I explored the Windows 7 Start Menu to find the program.  I clicked on Acronis Backup and Security to see what would happen next.

The Windows 7 Start Menu

After clicking on Acronis Backup and Security, the following screen appeared showing the Dashboard.  From the dashboard, all of the features of the program are available to secure your computer.

The Acronis Backup and Security Dashboard

The Dashboard showed that there is one issue that affects this systems security.  Clicking on Fix all issues, warned that this PC had never been scanned for viruses.  Before scanning for viruses, I wanted to explore the features of the program.

The features are reviewed in depth in the Acronis Internet Security review in a nutshell this is what each tab reveals:

  • The Security Module displays the status of components such as antivirus, firewall, antispam and vulnerability.
  • The Parental Control Module displays the status of the Parental Control Feature designed to restrict access to the Internet and specific applications.
  • The File Vault tab displays the staus of the File Vault with links to the File Vault tasks.
  • The Network tab displays the Acronis Backup and Security home network structure. 

The next major feature of Acronis Backup and Security is the backup and recovery component known as True Image.  This program is a true lifesaver for when it comes to backing up and restoring data.  This is explained further in the Acronis True Image Home reviews but here is a screenshot of the main  screen interface to give you an idea of the features of the program.

Acronis True Image Home 2010

The backup and recovery features are explained further in the True Image reviews for imaging, backup and restoration.

Another very useful feature included in the Backup and Recovery Suite is the ability to backup your files online using the Acronis Online Backup feature.  Just click on Online Backup and login to your own 250 Gigabytes of online storage space.

Acronis Online Backup Login

Once you are logged in for the first time, the following screen is presented allowing you to name the computer and register it in the Online Storage space.  You can also use your own encryption key if you choose but make sure you remember it otherwise you will not be able to retrieve your files.

Select your Computer or Register a New One

Once you are logged in to the Acronis Online Backup storage service, it shows that this PC has used 0 Bytes out of 250 Gigabytes of storage space.  This is also where you choose what to back up, schedule backups and several other options that can be configured.  All of these features are explained in greater detail in the Acronis Online Backup review.

The Online Backup Main Menu

This review of Acronis Backup and Security shows the install process and some of the features available with the computer protection utility. 

The Security product is no longer available.

Acronis True Image 2020



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