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The Acronis Internet Security Suite is no longer Available

Acronis Internet Security allows you secure your computer against any of the thousands of external threats that plague the Internet at any given time.  This is not an easy task but Acronis seems to have covered all of the bases.  This review of Acronis Internet Security will attempt to show all of the tools available through the program to keep your PC safe from those threats.

Without an Internet security suite installed your computer is highly vulnerable to Viruses, Spyware, Spammers, Phishing attacks and Malware that can compromise your identity.  The Acronis Suite combines all of the tools needed to combat all of the vulnerabilities that any version of Microsoft Windows leaves wide open.  

Acronis True Image 2020

Here is a screenshot of the Dashboard showing one critical security warning.  This is a newly installed version of Windows 7 Professional so what could be wrong I pondered.  Clicking on the Fix All Issues button stated that this computer has never been scanned for viruses so I started the scan. 

The Main Dashboard

Now all is well.

There are No Issues With This Computer

Acronis Backup and Recovery Settings

Clicking on the Settings Button allows you to configure the main Acronis Backup and Security settings.  You can enable or disable each module but remember that disabling a module may leave your computer unprotected. Here is where you can also change the User Interface to Novice, Intermediate or Expert Mode.  Intermediate is the default and recommended setting for most users.

Acronis Backup and Security Settings

The Security Module

The Security Module displays the status of the separate components that make up the Backup and Security Suite.  There are also several tasks that can be performed.  You can do a vulnerability scan that monitors Microsoft Windows Updates and other application updates to ensure that your computer is not vulnerable to any known exploits.  You can also create a custom scan, a system scan or manually check for updates to the security suite.

The Security Module

The Parental Control Panel

The parental control module is designed to restrict access to the Internet and to specific applications.  Parental control can block access to web pages or applications for certain periods of time and it can filter email, Instant Messaging and web traffic based on specific keywords. See the full review of the Parental Control Feature.

The Parental Control Panel

The Acronis Backup and Security File Vault

The File Vault module displays the status of the file vault with links to specific tasks that can be created.  The Acronis Backup and Security File Vault functions similar to bank vaults; you choose what you want to secure, you create a vault with your password, you deposit files and then you close the vault to keep your personal files away from prying eyes. See the full review.

The File Vault

The Network Module

The Acronis Backup and Security Network Module displays your home network structure and allows you to perform certain tasks on the network to keep it secure.  You can remove or add computers from this module but the Backup and Security suite must be installed on all of the computers added to the secure network.  The suite license is good for up to 3 computers so that should not be a problem. You can also scan all computers for viruses and view the results from this module.

The Network Module

Acronis True Image 2020


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